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At Extrogene Software, we believe in nurturing, developing and investing in the future- i.e. our internship program. At any given time, you will find eager, young, energetic interns from universities across the country learning their craft and honing their skills.

We believe that our interns are better equipped to face the future as our internship program is based on comprehensive hands-on learning. Regardless of the duration of your internship- 6 months or 1 year, you WILL be working on live, commercial projects. We follow Agile Project Management and tools that supplement Agile methodologies to maximize our output. We do not believe in interns wasting their valuable time doing menial process tasks. Instead, you will be part of all our projects based on our requirement and your strengths.

Our guarantee for you doing hands-on work is absolute. And you will be better prepared to face the future because of that. Our working hours are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and we want our interns to be dynamic during that time, learn as much as possible, be supremely productive, and go home on time in the evening to get some much needed rest. We want to mentor you, help you learn your craft, and become great contributors to our society- not to make you work late or have you put in hours upon hours for the sake of doing it.

Interns 2018

Tharindu Weerasinghe

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Colombo

Extrogene Software was a great place for me to kick-start my career in Software Engineering. I was involved in real life applications, which gave me a better understanding of technologies and best practices that are used in the modern software industry. The best thing about Extrogene is the work-life balance, the support we get from others at any time, and the exposure to new technologies and applications. I am grateful to have been a part of the software internship program at Extrogene Software. (Note - Tharindu joined our company as an Associate Software Engineer on a full time basis immediately after completing his 6 month internship period.)

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Naduni Dilhari

Intern - Quality Assurance Engineer | SLIIT

Doing an internship at Extrogene Software was the best decision I ever made regarding my internship. I really enjoyed the freedom, flexibility and the friendly environment. It was very comfortable for me to communicate with others and share their knowledge. I was involved in all projects during my internship and that knowledge gave me the chance to not only work in the field but to gain a broad learning experience. As this was my first working experience I got vast industry experience and knowledge during my internship program. Another admiring fact is I really appreciated the way they treat their employees and I was very lucky to be a part of the Extrogene family. They are not just a software company they are a family. I believe that this great opportunity will lead me to follow my future endeavors in a defined way. I request future interns to come and join the Extrogene family and feel the great experience on your own. (Note - Naduni joined our company as an Associate QA engineer immediately after completing her 6 month internship period.)

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Shavindi Pathirana

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Moratuwa

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Lahiru Ariyasinghe

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Moratuwa

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Dilusha Dasanayaka

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Kelaniya

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Interns 2017

Kanushka Gayan

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Kelaniya

I see Extrogene Software as a company that has the potential to develop as a prominent Tech company in Sri Lanka. My internship experience there was wonderful where I was able to improve my technical skills as well as soft skills. The working environment at Extrogene was really friendly and flexible. And I was able to learn from experts. I consider Extrogene as a great place to start a career as a software engineer. (Note - Gayan continues to work for us as a part time SE during his final year at UOK.)

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Janitha Prabhath

Intern - Software Engineering | University of Moratuwa

During my internship period, I learned a lot about new technologies and processes. All my team members were so friendly and were always willing to help. Whenever I needed help, they helped me a lot to find a solution. Extrogene Software helped me a lot to polish my technical and soft skills too. They were really helpful and I will always recommend the company to another intern. It’s a great place to learn.

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Ishara Hansani

Intern - Quality Assurance Engineer | University of Moratuwa

I would like to start by stating that my time spent at Extrogene Software was an amazing experience. They were really helpful to trainees and other employees of the organization in all ways. Extrogene has a family-like working environment with its employees. For me, as a fresher, I received great support to improve my technical knowledge. As a startup, Extrogene successfully aligns itself with modern technologies, new concepts and innovation. As a Trainee Quality Assurance Engineer, they gave me a chance to align myself with new technologies in the QA field and apply them to my work. Because of that, I had the chance to improve practical skills and professional skills. (Note - Ishara worked with us as a part time QA Engineer during her fourth year at UOM, and joined us as a full time QA Engineer right after graduation.)

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