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Advantages of solo travel

Solo traveling can be identified as traveling all by yourself. This means going to a strange place alone and spending some time by yourself. Although you travel alone to the destination, you can meet different types of people and make friends while traveling.
These days solo travel has become a huge trend in our society. According to the annual reader survey carried out by in 2017, it is said that 30% of those who have traveled solo will do so again. These people have found that the best trip they have gone so far is the trip they traveled alone due to so many reasons. Other than that, they have found that during 2016 and 2017 Google searches for Solo female travel grow by 52%. It is clearly seen that these days females travel alone more than male. And also have found that 72% of American women are open to taking solo journeys in their annual reader survey in 2017.

Given below are a few of the advantages that we can have by traveling solo.
The ability to meet interesting people
Not like when we travel with groups we get the opportunity to have more connections with strangers. There is no choice for solo travelers other than to talk with others and become social. When we travel in groups we are less likely to wander away from your group and talk with others but in solo travel, you get the chance to meet interesting people along the way.
Get to know more about yourself
When you travel solo you get an interesting opportunity to explore yourself. Individuals can know their likes and dislikes based on the places they see, the food they eat, people they associate and etc. Being alone reflects the real you rather than an individual in a group. Being alone and really embracing it is a beautiful part of solo travel.

Ability to step outside of your comfort zone

Solo traveling helps individuals to get out of their own comfort zones and it is a great opportunity to challenge individual fears by facing them. Not only that the travelers  confidence level increases gradually as he has done many things alone. This increases problem-solving and decision-making skills of the individuals too. And people who travel alone are easily dealt with pressure also.
Improvement in language skills
The best way to learn new languages and cultures is by associating and spending time with the cultures. When you travel with others you are more likely to rely on the other members of the group in your native language. But when you are alone you are forced to constantly practice new languages and other cultures.
Boost your confidence
It is clear that going somewhere alone increases your confidence forever when heading out into the world only by yourself. Wandering around an unknown world in solitude can do many things for yourself and change personal empowerment positively.
Cost efficiency
Being on your own means purchasing only one single accommodation packages etc as there are no obstacles in searching what you are going to see. You can get the maximum enjoyment by connecting to the world.
Experiencing solo travel is one of the main ways that we can increase personal confidence and the personality of an individual. Traveling solo will change anyone's life positively.

Shavindi Pathirana



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